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FlyX Avia is excited to announce exclusive services for Pakistan, Middle East, Mainland China/ Hongkong and Africa.

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Aviation Solutions

With unique coordination ability and in-depth indu stry knowledge, FlyX Avia Aviation Service provides all types of services related to regular operation to airline clients. We use the latest updated version of the IATA international standard agreement and provide the following services:

  • Traffic right application
  • Flight slot coordination
  • Flight routes application and approval
  • CCAR287, CCAR129 and CCAR276 application

Charter Service

FlyX Avia is your charter flights specialist. The concern for safety, security and confidentiality are our top priorities. We adhere to international standards and strict procedures to ensure a smooth flight for all passengers. Every charter is special to us. Our professional team is committed to providing you the best plan for cargo and passenger charters such as:

  • Charter flight permits and traffic right application
  • CCAR129 application
  • Sales plans and distribution channels
  • Airport ground handling service

In addition, we offer to our partners charter flight consultancy and aircraft management services.

Enterprise Service

FlyX Avia provides all types of enterprise services to its clients, including registration, recruitment, training and financial consulting services, such as:

  • Airlines Business Registration
  • Airlines Tax Affairs Registration, Airlines Principal Registration, Airlines Bank Accounts Creation
  • Operation License and Certification Application and Implementation
  • Recruitment and Human Resource Administration, Passenger and Cargo Knowledge Training
  • Financial Consulting and Operation Services
  • Crew Service, Transportation Service, and Hotel Reservation

Ground Handling

Our ground handling team strives to meet our airline principals’ special requirements. One of our main areas of expertise is to provide ground handling services for commercial and cargo airlines. FlyX Avia provides all kinds of ground handling services, based on IATA international requirements. We provide ground handling services, including:

  • Crew immigration and transportation
  • Inbound and outbound flight operation
  • Airport check-in services, airport ramp supervision and coordination
  • Aircraft weight and balance, loading and offloading monitoring
  • Cargo handling including dangerous goods


Ethics and integrity are at the core of everything we do


Count on our licensed dispatchers to build the best flight plan, under even the most urgent of circumstances!

Get started with 04 steps to receive your flight plan:

Contact Us
Reach out to our team via Website/Email or phone to discuss your requirements.

Review the quote
Our team will provide you with a quote based on the complexity and duration of your flight.

Make the payment as per the agreed terms to confirm your flight planning service.

Receive your flight plan
Our team will prepare a well-optimized flight plan tailored to your specific needs and send it to you.

Aircraft Fueling

Whether you are a scheduled airline, corporate flight department, charter operator, or a cargo/military operation, jet fuel is the most significant expense that directly affects your bottom line.

FlyX Avia partners with the best fuel service providers and major petroleum companies from around the world to bring you competitive, cost-efficient Jet A1 fuel.
Save time, and save money. We make it easy to setup your fuel requisitions. You can count on our efficient processes to quickly fulfill your fuel requirements.

Aircraft Charters

FlyX Avia offers private jet, cargo, and group charters that fulfill the needs of business travelers, cargo transporters, and groups who would like to experience the benefits and freedom of chartering their own flights.

Our Charter Team can customize every aspect of your chartered flight. We can provide the best selection of aircraft, build custom flight plans, perform licensed dispatch services, obtain superb concierge and catering, and tailor charter schedules to meet your specific requirements.

Crew Services

Air crew have a high degree of responsibility and contribute greatly to the image of a company. FlyX Avia understands that airlines and private jet operators want to give them the best support possible, which is why it is constantly developing services in this area. FlyX Avia offers training for crew and arranges hotel accommodation and services for them anywhere in the world.

Entrusting air crew services to FlyX Avia brings numerous benefits. A dedicated team organises flexible hotel bookings for crew members. Our HOTAC partnerships with airlines and hotels allow FlyX Avia to provide accommodation and transportation to passengers and crew worldwide.

Executive Services

FlyX Avia will take care of transportation, luggage and visas, as well as relaying important information such as cancellations or timetables and guiding you through customs and other formalities to ensure that you save time and avoid any aggravations or hindrances. Move seamlessly through airport formalities and enjoy the freedom to focus on the purpose of your trip.

  • Airport meet and assist
  • Customs and immigration.
  • Security arrangements
  • VIP transportation
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Car Rental
  • Fine Dining
  • Air Ticketing
  • Visa assistance

Aviation Consultancy

FlyX Avia offers management consulting services to airlines facing various challenges. benefit from our vast global network of affiliates and partners that help us deliver excellent and reliable services. Using our extensive technical capabilities, managerial know-how, and extensive experience in the aviation industry, we dedicate ourselves to helping our fellow players in the field.

Our management consulting services are designed to optimize our client’s processes, allow them to explore new opportunities, and create distinctive solutions to become more globally competitive. We believe each client is unique regarding their goals and ordeals in the fast-changing and ever-competitive aviation industry. This has always inspired us to provide business management consultancy solutions tailored to their needs.